Restaurants in Ocean Village, Gibraltar

Are you looking for a restaurant in Ocean Village Gibraltar that offers you an unforgettable dining experience and attentive service nearby? Do you want to taste the freshest local produce in the most charming and exclusive setting of Gibraltar? Take note and book your table at El Rincón de Monte y Mar.

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Restaurants in Ocean Village, Gibraltar

Visiting a restaurant in Ocean Village, Gibraltar, is already a delight for the senses. The Marina Ocean Village is one of the places you should not miss if you are in Gibraltar. A few minutes from the center, you will find this privileged enclave designed for lovers of the sea and the pleasures of life. Facing the so-called gates of the Mediterranean, this luxurious marina offers its facilities to yachts and sailboats, both for base moorings and transit moorings.

Ocean Village is a space appreciated by tourists and Gibraltarians alike. It was designed as a residential complex for yachts. Today, it is a point of reference for boating enthusiasts and for those looking to enjoy its wide and varied leisure offer. The area offers, in addition to a great view of the Strait, casinos, gyms and duty-free shops, as well as numerous bars and international restaurants.

At night, the lights of the boats and shops make Ocean Village an idyllic place to stroll. Between the ocean and the imposing Rock, the magical atmosphere of the marina attracts those who want to relax with a drink overlooking the sea or taste some international dish in good company.

High quality and nearby cuisine

In this fabulous setting, choosing a good restaurant can make the ultimate difference between a pleasant day and a simply round day. Have you docked your yacht and are looking for a place to taste the most exquisite local dishes and wines after a day of sailing? Have you entered by land and would you like to try a dish so delicious that it turns your trip to Gibraltar into something memorable? Do you often visit the Rock and are looking for a restaurant to return to more times with friends and family?

Whatever the reason that has brought you to Gibraltar, we would like to recommend the place that stands out among all the restaurants of the Marina Ocean Village: El Rincón de Monte y Mar. There are many reasons to come to discover our gastronomic proposal:

 Excellent quality of our raw materials. Meat, fish and seafood of the highest level.

 Close contact. Our customers feel at home, always served with courtesy, closeness and professionalism by our waiters.

 A cuisine that combines the freshest local and traditional ingredients with the best contemporary gastronomic techniques.

 Cozy atmosphere.

El Rincón de Monte y Mar

When you meet us, you’ll know what to answer if someone asks you about the best places to eat in Gibraltar. We have no doubt that you will also recommend to everyone a restaurant in Ocean Village Gibraltar called El Rincón de Monte y Mar.