Steakhouse in Gibraltar

One of the slogans we repeat in our grill in Gibraltar is "from the land to our embers". With this, we want to emphasize the genuine and fresh origin of the meats that we offer to our customers. The superior quality of all our ingredients is guaranteed. While we prepare the meat to the point of cooking that you want, you can taste some of our delicious starters: cecina, Iberian ham, sautéed asparagus, mushrooms and boletus or blood sausage with peppers of piquillo flameada with cognac.

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Our menu of grilled meats

In our grill you can taste different cuts of beef of indigenous and international breeds. Discover some of our specialties.

 The Galician blonde cow, considered one of the best meats in the world, satisfies the most demanding palates and surprises everyone with its pleasant taste and its tender and juicy texture. Try the entrecot, sirloin or steak.

 Spanish veal is always a guarantee of success. Both the entrecot and sirloin and the low loin are a safe bet for lovers of good meat.

 Black angus beef is never lacking in the best restaurants. Its international prestige is based on its exquisite flavor and juiciness. We propose high loin, low loin and sirloin.

 One of the most delicate cuts of our menu is the wagyu Kobe entrecote, intense flavor and surprising texture. Japanese refinement made flesh.

Savor other classic grilled delicacies such as the fine rib eye. The so-called "rib eye" is one of the most popular and requested cuts. Without a doubt, one of the juiciest and most tasty proposals. If you fancy something more forceful, you will not be disappointed with the beef steak and the Frisian cow.

In El Rincón de Monte y Mar you will find lamb chops and gourmet wagyu burgers and Galician blond beef. If you order it in time, we prepare a delicious Segovian suckling pig that completes our varied offer on the grill.

El Rincón de Monte y Mar

As you can see, our steakhouse in Gibraltar offers you everything any meat enthusiast would want. Treat yourself and enjoy the taste and texture of the finest meats on the market. The grill is part of our identity as a restaurant. Serving meat always at its point is our specialty.

El Rincón de Monte y Mar wants to be your gastronomic reference every time you visit Gibraltar. The authenticity of the flavors, the quality of our ingredients, creativity and professionalism in the kitchen characterize us. The personalized and close service distinguishes us. We are the restaurant in Ocean Village Gibraltar that makes the difference. The high quality of our gastronomic offer is already an open secret in Gibraltar. Come and discover it yourself if you want to live an experience that will stimulate all your senses.